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Wilko’s Luxury Makeup Brushes

I cannot rave about these brushes enough, they are all I could ask for and a little more.

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What to do in Barcelona: My favourite bits

I'd never been to Barcelona, in fact I'd never been to Spain, so this post may be  a tad touristy. Next time I go, and there will be a next time! I promise I'll be on a mission to bring you the hidden treasures Number one: The Food I love food so very much, and… Continue reading What to do in Barcelona: My favourite bits

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City Strolling and Pokemon Hunting in London

  One of the things I love to do in London when it is a nice summer's eve is go on a stroll through the city and so last week that is exactly what I did. Now I want to be up front here I'm not one of life's great walkers, but strolling now that… Continue reading City Strolling and Pokemon Hunting in London

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Charlotte Tilbury: Film star bronze and glow review

I had been exploring the range for about a year before I bought my first piece and this was purely because of the price point. Then a few months ago finally I took the plunge and purchased my first product. Filmstar bronze and glow, the sleek gold casing sort of, softly calls to you glinting on the counter under all those luminous lights of Selfridges. It's almost impossible to resist, and so I gave in and bought it.