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Liquid Lip Paints Reviewed 

So what is a lip paint? It's a kind of lipstick, lip stain in liquid form. Not matte, not gloss more suede in texture, if that makes any sense at all! Maybelline Color drama lip paint I spotted these tiny treats on yet another Superdrug splurge. They come in at £4.99 which isn't too much… Continue reading Liquid Lip Paints Reviewed 

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L’Oréal Eye Paint Review

So as usual I lost that well known battle that ensues when walking past a Superdrug. Meaning that the score now stands Eleanor 0 vs Superdrug 1,4639 However, the sorrow I feel for my bank account does not compare to the joy I feel in having discovered L'Oréal's eye paint. Now, yes, it is clearly… Continue reading L’Oréal Eye Paint Review

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What type of foundation should I choose?

With so many different types of foundation it's so hard to choose, so what I have done below is give a sort of explanation of each foundation type. Hopefully this will help you make your choice. Oil based foundations Not for those with oily and possibly even combination skin, I mean you don't have to… Continue reading What type of foundation should I choose?

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How do I apply my foundation?📙

...Trowl is not an option ladies and gents! Fingers ✋️ I'm not sure why, but this seems to be the least fave way of application by a lot of people, I think they think it's dirty in some way or maybe they worry they wont get the right finish? Anyway when you do a little… Continue reading How do I apply my foundation?📙

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What kind of coverage do I want from my foundation? 📘

Oh, I can't tell you how much I wish I knew about foundation coverage in high school. I thought you just whacked on layer after layer of any old product in the hope that eventually all the evil blemishes were covered up. How wrong I was. Light coverage Okay so if you have a really… Continue reading What kind of coverage do I want from my foundation? 📘

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What foundation finish do I want? 📗

Essentially this is all personal preference, but, there are a few starting points to help you guide yourself to the finish line 🏁 (pun very much intended) For example, what type of skin do you have, and what time of year is it. Skin Type So we've found out what skin type we are in… Continue reading What foundation finish do I want? 📗

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What Skin Type Am I ? 📕

Skin is the thing we live in, so we may as well learn to love it. ❤ I've learnt a lot over my years on the journey from child to teen and into adulthood. But one of the most important things I have learnt, is that in actual fact, natural beauty is the best kind… Continue reading What Skin Type Am I ? 📕