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Boots Budget Beauty: High Street Foundation Reviews

Lets face it, we all love cheap make up, especially if it’s actually any good.

Loreal Nude Magique Cushion Foundation


Okay so its a compact…obviously, which is both good and bad.

Good because it’s super handy! The perfect  ‘fling it in the bottom of your bag and apply your foundation on the Tube, because you were up late last night watching Netflix until 2am, even though you swore you’d have an early night and so you woke up late’ kinda product.

But, because you get more packaging you get the less product, and you can’t get a refill for the compact, so when you finish it you have to re-buy the whole thing.

The puff is useless and kinda grim, throw it away and use a brush. Personally, I like to use my sculpting brush from Real Techniques (also available at Boots), but you can use any brush with densely packed bristles.

I’d say it’s a light to medium coverage, with the potential to build, but has very fresh, dewy  appearance.

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation

The revamped foundation from Bourjois is a nice creamy foundation. It has a definite radiance and glow to it but it’s not dewy. I’d say it’s more skin like in finish, like your skin on the best day, when you haven’t binged on Prossecco all weekend and gone to bed at 4am.

They say it’s medium build-able, but I disagree, I’d say its medium but then what do I know?!

It comes with a bunch of claims about vitamins and what-not that make the skin less fatigued. If I’m honest I can’t say I get it all but, what I can say is it does make my skin feel like I have had 8 hours of sleep even when I’ve only had 3 hours.

 Loreal True Match Foundation


On the bottle it says True Match Superblendable, and that my friends is a truth right there! In fact, if I was the one doing their marketing I would have called it super duper blendable!

The finish on this is one is a definite second skin look, yet still with a fairly good coverage when it came to areas of redness and dark circles.

You can build this, if you’re looking for a fuller coverage but personally I’d say stick with light, because it just looks so good that way.

Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation


First off, this foundation smells like heaven, so it gets massive points from me just for that.

But given that its a foundation not a perfume I suppose we should talk coverage and finish and all that too…I’d say that actually the match was better than True Match for me, When it’s on it’s it really does blur my pores, and as for my dark circles and red areas, they’re a thing of the past!

A fuller coverage than True Match, just just as wearable for everyday make up.


So there we have it, a whirl wind review of four of the best budget foundations from the moment:

  • Nude Magique is yours if you want a dewy-youthful finish,.
  • Healthy Mix if your skins in need of a radiant wake up.
  • True Match if you’re wanting a super duper natural finish.
  • Match Perfection is where you need to go if pore blurring is top of your list.

You can find them all at Boots, and there’s usually some sort of deal on them!

Let me know if you’ve tried any of them, and what you think and also if there are any others I should be trying!

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