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Primark PS…Beauty Haul Review


Primark have stepped up their beauty range in a massive way, and naturally I couldn’t resist having a mini splurge, and I really do mean mini, in total I spent just £14.50

I’ve given them all a good old test, so if you’re wondering wether it’s worth it, have a little read…

PS…Duo Eye liner Pack

In this little duo you get a white eyeliner and a skin colour eyeliner and a sharpener, no the colour isn’t perhaps as natural or subtle as I’d like but for £1, you can’t really go wrong.

Price: £1.00

Verdict: Buy it and chuck in your every day/ I don’t care if I lose it make-up bag.

PS…Strobe Shimmer Block

I got this thinking of the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Rose, which at £35 is a massive step up on the money side of things.

So have we found a way to save £32.50 and still get the same great product?

Unfortunately not, the pay off is pretty poor and although it looks super cute in its packaging you really have to rub your brush hard to get any product, and when you do get it, it barely shows up on the skin.

Such a shame because we all want to be able to save some dollar!


Verdict: Don’t bother, forgoe the bottle of Prosseco you were planning on buying to celebrate getting through Monday and buy the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick instead.

PS…Contour and Glow

This one I grabbed in place of Charlotte Tilbury’s Filmstar Bronze and Glow, you can see a full review on that here.

Now unlike the Strobe Shimmer Block, I was pleasantly surprised with the Primark Contour and Glow.

The contour colour has a taupey undertone to it, which is perfect for a nice, natural contour and the highlighter side gives a subtle, and soft shimmer.

No, it’s not as luxurious as Tilbury’s, be that on the product or packaging front, but at £2.50  it’s  great value for money

Price: £2.50

Verdict: Buy it, spend the money you saved from not getting Charlotte Tilbury’s version on Prossecco, infact for that saving get Champagne.

PS…Eyebrow Gel

Now, I went for the lighter colour here, and given that I have dark brown hair that might be a mistake.

BUT the dark was basically black and I personally don’t go in for the dark brow look.

So this isn’t a product I can wear with a full face as it makes me look a little unbalanced, and let’s face it someone like me doesn’t need any added unbalance!

On my ‘no make-up, make-up’ days however, this is quite handy.

Price: £1.00

Verdict: If you pulled an all nighter and you desperately need to make yourself look ‘normal’ for a 9am start, but can’t cope with the intense concentration needed for real eyebrow application, head to Primark, buy it and proably get a bottle of water too.

PS…Pro Blending Brush

I’ve obviously seen these brushes ALL over Instagram, and so I thought I’d see what Primark had to offer.

I found it a bit odd, almost as though I was using a toothbrush on my face, but once I’d moved past that, I found the results to be quite pleasing.

It really did blend my foundation nicely into the skin and enabled me to achieve quite a natural coverage.

One thing worth noting is that the arm of the brush is not very rigid and if you press too hard it will snap!


Verdict: Buy it and have fun pretending to Toothbrush your face all while creating a beautifully blended base.


I’d never tried these bendy- wandy- curler-thingumy-bobbys before.

But they were a £1, and looked fun, so I couldn’t resist throwing my money at them. ( And yes, Dad if you are reading, this is the exact reason I never have any money)

In my eternal quest to get great hair with minimal effort, I thought I’d give this a whirl, and guess what?

They work!

So you’re gonna want to start with just damp hair, then roughly section (Because who the heck has time or patience to do it properly!) and wrap your hair around them and secure. Then go about your life, maybe have some Prossecco? (If it’s morning just add Orange Juice, that makes it acceptable) Finally, you’ll wanna’ undo and unravel and tadah!, you’ve got yourself some curls!

Price: £1.00

Verdict: Buy them, but probably not unless you have long hair, as the curls you end up with are tight curls which require a brush out.

Unless, of course, you like the Shirley Temple look, then knock yourself out and curl up and dye.

PS…Precious Metals Liquid Glow

I was thinking of comparing this to MAC’s strobe cream, but really it’s more along the Benefit High Beam road. It is a little heavier and I don’t think I’d want to use it all over the face in the way that you can with MAC’s Strobe.

A little goes a long way so don’t get too highlight happy with this! Personally I like using this on a bare cheek bone, with a very pared down face to emphasise a dewy fresh look.

For £2.00, I think it’s a definite contender when compared to the big boy products.


Verdict: Oh, Glow on, Buy it fool, buy it.

PS..Clear hair bands

Yes, I know Invisibobble’s are only  about £4 a pack but you only get three in the pack, and quite frankly I only have to look at them to lose them. It’s like hair clips, they just seem to constantly disappear. So for me, this Primark answer of 10 bobbles for £1.00 seems far more sensible.

Price: £1.00

Verdict: Spend what you would have spent on 3 Invisibobbles and buy 4 packs of Primark ones.  Feel less upset when you get home and have already lost half of them.

And there we have it, a whistle stop tour or the Primark PS… range. Let me know if there is anything you’ve tried that I should be giving a go ❤

If you can’t be bothered with the hell that can be Primark and want a perve on the products pre-shopping, then you can find all their products on their website, right here

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