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L’Oréal Eye Paint Review

So as usual I lost that well known battle that ensues when walking past a Superdrug.

Meaning that the score now stands

Eleanor 0 vs Superdrug 1,4639

However, the sorrow I feel for my bank account does not compare to the joy I feel in having discovered L’Oréal’s eye paint.

Now, yes, it is clearly marked eye paint. But hey, I’ve never really been one for rules.

Whack this beauty on your lips and you’ve got yourself a lovely liquid lipstick 💄 and my oh my what a wonder it is.

I feel that because it’s been made for eyes, which obviously need handling with care, it’s a lot softer and gentler than a standard liquid lipstick.

It’s not drying, doesn’t result in the pinched lip feeling and is not flakey, so ignore the label and whack it on!

Okay, so I did also try it for the eyes, what with that being its main purpose and all, and my verdict is that it’s dreamy!

This liquid/cream to powder is sumptuously soft, quick to set yet not drying and very easily blended into other cream/liquid/powder products.

The highly pigmented product gives a great colour payoff and will definitely strike a statement. Perhaps not your every day look, but for a night out it’s a winner.

All in all for £5.99 it’s a must! I’m wearing shade unstoppable teal but there are plenty of other colours to choose from, all of which I feel I must soon have!

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