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What type of foundation should I choose?

With so many different types of foundation it’s so hard to choose, so what I have done below is give a sort of explanation of each foundation type.

Hopefully this will help you make your choice.

Oil based foundations

Not for those with oily and possibly even combination skin, I mean you don’t have to be a genius to work out that if you put oil on oil you will become an oil. If however your skin is dry like a desert 🌵 then this may be a winner for you. It could give you that dewy glow ✨you’ve been searching for.

Water based foundations🌊

Time for a science experiment 👩‍🔬Go grab some olive oil out of the cupboard and put it with some water. Not working out great is it? Again oily types this is probably not your friend. Combination’s  it MAY not be yours either. Normal and dry crew, you’re in.

Silicone foundations

You’ve heard of silicone filler right? Okay so this is not so heavy duty but it’s that concept. Again most foundations I’ve seen seem to have some silica in them, this is because it’s used to fill lines. 👵 Great if suddenly you discovered that wrinkles are real and that your Uni years of using make up wipes and doing all-nighters have given you the gift of crows feet. Not so great if you have sensitive skin, as we’ve established it fills things, including your pores and so could give some irritation.

Powder foundations

Oh hey Oily skin types, how you doing?

👩‍🔬 Science experiment number two, get one plate, one bottle of oil and one bag of flour. Add a drop of oil to the plate and now sprinkle flour on it.

NOW that is what we are talking about!!! I like to use powder in Summer when it is HAWT for that one week and I cannot bear wearing anything more 🔥. Or if I’m feeling particularly smug about my complexion that day.

Dry lot this is not what you need, it will suck any moisture you managed to add to your face and leave you flaky ❄️

Hybrid foundations

And finally, I’m sort of cheating here, by lumping the rest in under one section which I’m calling hybrids.

Here we have tinted moisturisers, correcting cream (cc cream) blemish balm/ beauty balm (bb cream).

On all of these products it is important to remember that being hybrids, the coverage will not be as good as a true foundation, however if you are looking for a lighter alternative to foundation and a way of combining skincare and beauty in aid of skipping a few steps in the morning ( and who could blame you, gurl gotta SLEEP 😴) then they are definitely worth a go.

If you get a great hybrid it will combine your serum, moisturiser,SPF and  foundation which means you can get some more shut eye without skipping your skincare steps 🙌

As usual all thoughts, feelings and advise are MORE than welcome ❤

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