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How do I apply my foundation?πŸ“™

…Trowl is not an option ladies and gents!

Fingers βœ‹οΈ

I’m not sure why, but this seems to be the least fave way of application by a lot of people, I think they think it’s dirty in some way or maybe they worry they wont get the right finish?

Anyway when you do a little research you start to find that in actual fact most make up artists use fingers above everything.

The thing with fingers is you can wash and dry your hands in a heartbeat, rather than the full day you need for your brushes and they don’t end up stained the way your sponges do.

They also allow you to have a much more touchy feely experience when putting on your makeup.  ( oh, I heard that little smirk, behave 😏)

It means you can really feel how a product works on your skin and often get a more natural finish.

Personally I’d use fingers forΒ Β CC/ BB creams, Tinted Moisturisers, water based foundations like MAC face and body.


Okay well having said the above I still love brushes. There is something therapeutic about a good brush. Like painting a canvas, and having never been good at art in school I’m not going to turn down any chance to pretend I’m Picasso 🎨

So onto brush type, well I mean really it’s down to your preference! I’d recommend big face=big brush and small face=small brush to be a good starting point!

Then you wanna have a think of what you’re using your brush for. Yes, yes you’re all shouting “erm for my make-up?!!!” Β Very clever sarcastic ones!

What I mean is, is it liquid, cream or powder? Β This will influence which brush you use.

Finally, let’s think about what finish you want from the brush? Do you want to buff it to a flawless finish, or layer on lightly?

Personally I like ’em long and thick.

(Shame on you, I’m talking about brushes here!😱)

The reason being that I like to buff my foundation into oblivion and have no time to cross hatch my face with a flat brush, but that’s just me! πŸ’

There are a million and one kinds of brush makers out there, we’ve got the cult real techniques brushes. These are great brushes- not too expensive and all come with online tutorials from the beautiful pixiwoo.

Then you have the likes of the Wilko brushes, which are great budget brushes, meaning you can get your essentials for about Β£20. Read a full review on them here.

There’s another cult brush by way of Zoeva, comes in some super on trend colours, so perfect for gifting to that one friend who just lives for rose gold.

And finally of-course, we have the big guys the MAC’s, Tilbury’s and Bobbi Browns, always reliable and always loved.

Whatever you choose, make sure it matches your face and your product. There’s no point choosing a brush just because it looks pretty, because if you do you might end up not looking pretty yourself

(JOKE you were all beautiful to begin with 😘)


Unless you are a recluse you will know of or own a beauty blender!

This is a great little product. It can be used to stipple your foundation on for a full coverage look, or you can use it like a traditional sponge to smooth the foundation onto your face and get a nice sheer finish.

Which ever way you use it, try it WET, yes that is right WET!!! πŸ’¦

(Again, those with a filthy mind STOP IT!!!πŸ˜‘)

One, because it makes the beauty blender double in size

(Seriously now, I told you before, get your mind out of the gutter πŸ˜‚)

Two because it is more bouncy and fuffy and three, because the water acts as a barrier between sponge and product so you should find less foundation is sucked into the sponge!

The bad things with a sponges are that you will probably go through a tonne of them!

They take a lot of washing and often never come up stain free, and they hold bacteria like nothing else so you’ll want to be careful about what you are smearing all over your face! ( Right that’s it, I’m ending this post now, purely because of YOU and your FILTY MIND 🀣)

As usual all thoughts, feelings and advise are MORE than welcome ❀

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