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What foundation finish do I want? ðŸ“—

Essentially this is all personal preference, but, there are a few starting points to help you guide yourself to the finish line 🏁 (pun very much intended)

For example, what type of skin do you have, and what time of year is it.

Skin Type

So we’ve found out what skin type we are in the last post, but if you missed that post you can find it here.

If you have oily skin then you probably don’t want a dewy finish foundation.

This is because the concept of a dewy foundation is to give you that almost moist look 💦( those dirty minded people, STOP IT, you’re ruining it for everyone 😂).

And so, people with dry skin may want to stay clear of matte finish foundations. This being, that the concept of a matte finish foundation, is to not add oil and provide a more powder-like finish.

Think of it this way.

Imagine two New Years Eve party dresses, one is a little velvet number, it pulls the light into the dress and gives it out in a subtle luminous kind of way. 👗

The other dress is a silky flowing metallic number it reflects the light and glows. 👘


Then, you may want to take the time of year into consideration, because the weather affects our skin a lot.

For example, if it’s winter ❄️ then you may find your skin drying out and looking a little dull and gloomy. So you may want to consider something with a little more of a juicy, glowy finish.

If, however, it’s our one summer ☀️ month and things are all getting a little sticky, you could try a matte finish foundation to take the edge off and minimise makeup melting.

With all products, there are no hard and fast rules, and really anyone can wear whatever they feel comfortable in.

BUT, if you were as baffled, as I was hopefully this helps.

As usual all thoughts, feelings and advice are MORE than welcome ❤

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