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What Skin Type Am I ? 📕

Skin is the thing we live in, so we may as well learn to love it. ❤

I’ve learnt a lot over my years on the journey from child to teen and into adulthood. But one of the most important things I have learnt, is that in actual fact, natural beauty is the best kind of beauty. 

Also, natural beauty is often cheaper, and if saving your pennies doesn’t make you happy I don’t know what will.💰

So, before we start whacking, smearing and layering stuff all over our face lets start with figuring out what kind of skin we have. 🤓

This way we might be able to embrace and enhance our beauty rather than mask it.


You most likely feel the need to blot and powder a fair bit during the day, maybe your make up seems to have vanished by the time you reach the office? 

Those pesky over active sebaceous glands lead to all kinds of blemish break outs, but at least your skin never feels parched AND you have a that dewy, fresh, glow (which by the way everyone wants, and makes you look super young) without even trying!


You are not especially dry, nor oily, nor sensitive. Bully for you, refer to my point about praying to the foundation gods!


Excezama, roseasure, general flare ups of the face when anything to hardcore is applied. You can’t slap just anything on your skin oh no, only the best will do. 

Some say high maintenance I say your skin just knows what it wants.💁


You get to experience a little bit of everything, and like me seem to have to have a beauty product to combat all 5 skin types. 

Sad times for the bank balance 💸, fun times for all the products you can try!


It’s only Tuesday and you’ve already used 28 bottles of moisturiser on your face. Foundation clings to those dry bits the way Brad clung to Ang. 

On the plus side when England has it’s summer month you can ride the central line 🚇 and arrive at work without looking like a blob of oil. 

Hell Yeah. 👊 

P.S Please remember there is not a right kind of skin, everyone has there own ‘issues’ which in actual fact are not issues at all.

Embrace and enhance people, embrace and enhance.😘

P.P.S Unsure about the American pep rally style flowing through this post, maybe it’s time I stepped away from the Prosseco? 🥂

 JOKE it’s never that time. 🍾 

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