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Wilko’s Luxury Makeup Brushes

I cannot rave about these brushes enough, they are all I could ask for and a little more.

All of these brushes are a dream to hold their ergonomic handles mean they fit your hand the way Cinderella’s glass slipper fits her foot.

I love the cream and copper colours the metallic pops work beautifully on my dressing table.

They are made from 100% synthetic hair so brush washing day is not going to kill them off and on the subject of the bristles they are super soft, like to the point that when you first buy them you may want to just take some time out of your day and brush them on your arms for a while and enjoy soft heaven.

Wilko’s Luxury Stippler Brush

Gotta love a stippler! For the airbrushed effect this is your guy. The double length bristles allow the gradual build of layers of just about any product you can think of. I defy you to cake it on with this.


Wilko’s Luxury Foundation Brush

Wilko’s Luxury Short Hair Stippling Brush

So whether you like a flat brush, or a buffer they have you covered. I personally haven’t used the short hair stippled to stipple at all, I prefer to buff my foundation in with it after applying it with the angled flat foundation brush. And yes I am so happy it is an angled flat brush because it means I can get right into every corner of my face.

Wilko’s Luxury Blusher Brush

So I know it says blusher brush but that’s a lie. It should be called “Wilko’s Luxury Blusher, Contour and Foundation Buffing Brush.” It’s such an amazing little all-rounder.

Wilko’s Luxury Eyebrow Brush

I lose spoolys like I lose hair grips, so the fact that this one is joined to the angled eyebrow brush is the a life saver. It makes the whole eyebrows on fleek process so much more enjoyable.

Okay so onto price. This is something I still can’t quite believe, the most expensive brush in the collection is £5. Yeah that’s right £5!! My whole collection here cost me just £22.

So erm, what on earth are you waiting for?

Full collection can be found here

Let me know what you think and if you have tried the collection x


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