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Loreal Infallible collection review

I did it again, I visited boots with the intention of buying hair grips and hair bands, and some how came out with half the Loreal infallible range and of course, no hair grips and no hair bands.

Such is life, and on the plus side, I now have some brilliant budget bases to review.

First off, I will just say that none of these products are going to break the bank, which is very good news indeed. In fact, if you choose one of the foundations, the primer and the sculpt pallet, you could have a whole new base for under £20.00 because there is a lovely little 3 for 2 promotion on these products at the moment.

Right okay so lets get on with it!

Loreal Infallible Mattifying Primer


 The mattifying primer is just that, a mattifying primer. While it did smooth out my pores and fine lines to an extent, I wouldn’t say that this was it’s main selling point. I think that is more the fact that it manages to give you a matte base WITHOUT drying out your face.

The other big claim on this primer is that it helps with oil control. Having tested this for a good few weeks I would say that it definitely helps, as on the days I wore the primer I had to use powder dramatically less than usual.

All in all for  £7.99 you can’t really go wrong!

L’Oreal Paris Infallible  24H-Matte Foundation

Okay, so looking at the two infallible foundations to choose from, I would naturally veer towards the Loreal Infallibe stay fresh 24H foundation, but as the infallible 24-h matte has been raved about so much I thought I’d give it a go.

I think that it is probably something I will keep for summer, as when the weather is hotter, my face has a tendency to melt and something this absorbent is exactly what I need.

It really does manage to get rid of any shine you may have, and I found towards the end of the day it was still keeping any excess shine at bay.

A few things to note are that if you have dry skin, this is not your foundation. I say this as I have fairly normal to combination skin and I noticed that on the drier areas of my skin the foundation did not want to blend or absorb.

I’d also say that if you are fairly self indulgent with the time you take to apply your make up you may find you have to get a wriggle on with this as it’s quite a fast drying foundation.

All in all this is a very good little budget foundation coming in at £7.99. It will keep the shine at bay, give you a medium coverage and will not leave you looking like a cakey dull mess, as some mattifying foundations do!

L’Oreal Paris Infallible 24H Foundation

This foundation out of the two has to be the winner for me!

I got shade 125 which is naturel rose, and it seemed to be perfect for me. The creamy texture of this foundation means that you can create a very natural base when buffed in with a brush, but also that you can build this to a medium/heavy coverage if stippled on with a beauty blender.

I find the dewy finish of this foundation very pleasing indeed and very conducive to a natural, bright youthful look.

For £9.99 it is definitely a keeper.

L’Oreal Paris Infallible Sculpt Contour Palette Light/Medium

Now I know that the world went mad for contour and then not so mad for it, then for strobing, then light contouring and so on, and that the debate is out on if we should be contouring the hell out of our faces until we look borderline drag or just working with what we have and merely excentuating our features in a subtle manor.

But, whether you love it or hate it, you can’t deny that when you have a fairly round/oval shaped face, like my self, it comes in useful when trying to add a bit of dimension.

As you may have seen from my Charlotte Tilbury: Filmstar brownze and glow post I do love a powder contour kit. The Tilbury one in particular has been in my make up kit ever since I first bought it, because it is perfect for top ups throughout the day, and can give you the subtlest, naturalist contour you have ever seen!

This cream to powder one from Loreal is a different animal. It is in a lovely little compact pallet which means it can be slung into the make up bag, however I don’t know that I would want to use it for top ups in the day; quite possibly contouring with creams is a little full on for a top up on the train or at the office?

The combination of cream and powder means  you get the best of both worlds, in so far as the creamy side of the product, means it is nice and easy to apply and blend and then the powder finish makes for a very nice, natural, matte finish.

The price for this little kit is £9.99 so once again, why wouldn’t you give it a go?

 And so there we have it, that’s my take on a few of the infallible products from Loreal. I’d love to hear your thoughts, and if there is anything else you think I should try?




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