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Charlotte Tilbury: Film star bronze and glow review

I work right next to Selfridges; this is both a blessing and a curse, because it means that at least three nights out of five I will pop in to lust over everything, which nearly always ends up with a trip to the Charlotte Tilbury counter.

You see, ever since it arrived in Selfridges I have been in love. The gorgeous gold bottles and pallets make it feel so luxurious and enticing.

I had been exploring the range for about a year before I bought my first piece and this was purely because of the price point. Then a few months ago finally I took the plunge and purchased my first product. Filmstar bronze and glow, the sleek gold casing sort of, softly calls to you glinting on the counter under all those luminous lights of Selfridges. It’s almost impossible to resist, and so I gave in and bought it.

Opening up the slender case reveals two compartments of powder.

The first is the bronzer. A sort of medium brown, this is what you use for sculpting your face.  I love this colour; it gives the shadow you want to hollow out your cheeks without leaving dark harsh lines on your face. Resulting in a subtle contoured look, which is exactly what I want.

The second compartment is the highlighter. This is my greatest powder highlighter love at the moment.  While there are hints of shimmer in the powder it won’t turn your face into a disco ball like some highlighters. When applied to your cheek bones, bow of your lips and centre of your nose this picks up the light and reflects to give you a gorgeous glow.

When you buy it it won’t be smashed, I just had an accident with mine! 😦



You can of course build on the powder to create a more impactful look for the evening if you want, and I do tend to wear this in the evening too, but I think the strengths for this product is that it’s brilliant for everyday use.  The little compact has a mirror in for top ups and it just looks so natural if you gently sweep the powder on.

Now I’m going to tackle the price point. Yes it is £49 and yes that is rather a lot of money for a relatively small amount of powder, but its Charlotte Tilbury, and it’s a really, really lovely product.

So if you have a birthday coming up I’d definitely put it on your list. Let me know what you think of it too! And if you’ve got any other Tilbury loves that you’d recommend!




5 thoughts on “Charlotte Tilbury: Film star bronze and glow review”

      1. I dropped my MAC skinfinish and was devastated! So I asked around if there was anything I can do (I just hate wasting products..) So I came across this technique and it saved my life! Just pour some rubbing alcohol onto the broken bits and with a spoon smooth the pieces back together. It’ll look like a lumpy mess but let it dry and it should stay together!! Hope this helps!


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